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I am a medical intuitive. This means I empower people with complex health challenges to take control of their own health. My background is nursing, psychology, teaching, integrative medicine and energy medicine. Throughout my working career I have been focussed on hearts. I analyse why the persons health is challenging them currently using an approach that encompasses physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual bodies (Klinghardt 5 Levels of healing) because I believe we have to address all levels for the body to heal. I believe and have seen bodies achieve spontaneous remission when the individual is taught how to approach their health challenges from this model. I have worked extensively with the gut/brain axis, helping those with neurological / mental health and chronic fatigue / ME. Return to optimal health requires a comprehensive approach addressing the gut/brain axis, appreciating how trauma affects this and how to release trauma without re-traumatising the person. I use an all natural approach.

I am also an international speaker and a regular contributor to ICAM magazine.

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