Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Are you highly sensitive?

Have you tried endlessly to find answers to your medical issues or symptoms?

Do you have multiple comorbidities or more than one illness that you feel may or may not to be connected to the first condition?

Have your symptoms eluded medical testing to produce a diagnosis that makes sense to you?

Do you believe yourself to have pyroluria or other conditions and yet your test results come back negative?

Do you suffer from poorly balanced hormones, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), digestion and / or immune system dysregulation?

Are you clumsy and / or uncoordinated?

Do you believe yourself to have learning difficulties such as Autism spectrum, ADHD or dyslexia?

Do you feel like you are allergic to the 21st Century?

Have you spent years on the treadmill of medications, diet and lifestyle approaches with intermittent improvements?

Do you feel you have to be your own doctor?

Do you constantly feel exhausted?

Do you simply have a lot of symptoms that make no sense to you?

If you are one of these people AND you are ready for change, ready to work on yourself with new tools, ready to be empowered to be your own healer, then you are in good company. I base all my work on a background of nursing, psychology, functional medicine with the 5-Levels of healing model below and many years of teaching this in Universities and colleges. I also base my work on you being a significant partner in your own care. I believe the time has come for us all to become more empowered when it comes to our health. I also believe we chose this body for this incarnation so it is our responsibility to keep it well. My experienced has shown me that when we do this magic happens.

how are energy affects others

How Our Energy Affects Others

Klinghardt 5 levels of healing

The 5 levels of healing model based on Dr Deitrich Klinghardt MD, PHD (2005).
Each level has its own research modalities, methods of diagnosis and modes of treatment.

What next?

My aim is to empower you by consulting with you for 90 minutes on zoom to produce the following:

  1. A recording of your consultation 
  2. A table of intuitive testing based on your completed questionnaire and our conversation 
  3. A comprehensive 9 page report of everything you need to fill in your missing pieces

You report will be a comprehensive overview of what I see based on your timeline and will include:

  1. Traumas / adverse childhood events (types and links to evidence base)
  2. Empath or HSP
  3. Emotions to work on energetically
  4. Pyroluria (may need balancing whilst you work through your planned phases)
  5. Personality traits according to the enneagram 
  6. Continuum of self model from +5 (all self no other) to -5 (all other no self) as appropriate
  7. How all the above is affecting your biochemistry (HPA axis. HPT axis, gut-brain axis, dysbiosis, intestinal hyper-permeability, nutrient depletions, detoxification difficulties, methylation)
  8. Options for testing to confirm my findings.

I will provide you with the following:

  1. A phased plan of action with links to aid your learning. This is usually between 2 and 4 phases.
  2. Nutrition and supplement advice, fully compliant with any current medications 
  3. Prioritised recommendations for addressing traumas, emotions, enneagrams
  4. Ongoing coaching for nutrition, lifestyle, emotional support, education, 

Before you make any decisions please read my Blog on Empaths and HSPs for more information).

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