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This page is to help you determine which appointment you wish to book and what level of care you may require.

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Free 20 Min Discovery Call

This is a very informal chat to see what your expectations are, what I can offer you and if we resonate with each other well enough to work together. I believe the relationship between the practitioner and the client are paramount to success. I don’t need a full history for this session, just a tiny precise of where you are now. I would advise you read anything specific to yourself on the website and watch any videos  then you will be able to ask informed questions on the call. 

Intuitive First Consultation - £200

All Venturous Hearts consultations are based on the 5-Levels of healing model (Klinghardt) with the functional medicine model.

You will need to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and 1-3 symptom checklist questionnaires. I will start completing your timeline from these before we meet.

90 minute consultation on zoom or face to face.

Next we would have a 90 minute consultation for you to tell me your story (20-30 minutes) whilst I continue expanding your timeline. I will then pick out the most important aspects of your timeline, linking them to your underlying biochemistry in an understandable way and explain it for you. This empowers you to see why certain changes are necessary and what to expect.

The last 30 minutes we discuss what changes need to be made for the best outcome, what is possible for you to attain given your health, energy levels, finances and any other challenges.

After the consultation I complete your plan which you will receive within 48 hours.

Your extensive 9 page report from Venturous Hearts will include:

  • Your timeline
  • Explanation of underlying causes
    • This includes, traumas, emotions, lifestyle triggers and their impact on your biochemistry (on a separate table for ease)
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations
    • This includes therapies to undertake for resolution of traumas and emotions that block energy systems, previously preventing your healing.
  • Supplement plan with links to purchase and discount codes

All consultations are recorded with your permission. The recording is sent to you via we-transfer so you will be required to download this and save to your computer. Recordings are only kept for 5 days, they are not used for any other purpose than to empower you.

This consultation does not include testing or test interpretation. These can be added – please ask for costs.

Followup Consultation - £100

Our follow up consultations are all 45 minutes to one hour. These are designed to keep you on track, to ensure the programme is the best fit for you. Also to interject with changes if your circumstances have changed causing changes in your biochemistry. We recommend a follow up every 4 to 8 weeks on average for most clients. However if you are a seasoned traveller of this work that frequency between appointments can be extended to 10-12 weeks.

We would not recommend you wait longer than 3 months between appointments because there is a strong likelihood that there will be much more to discuss so keeping to the time period may be difficult. If for some reason life gets in the way and you have exceeded the three months before booking please plan for 90 minutes. If we are complete within the hour you will be charged accordingly. This helps me to keep my diary flowing well.

We always advise you to book a follow up two weeks before you move from one phase to the next. This ensures continuity of the program.

You will be provided with a short report from the session encompassing the following:

You are most welcome to send this on email the day before to ensure we cover your important questions.

Anything different from the initial explanations on your original report or additions from the follow up plan

Nutrition and lifestyle plan to take you forward to next time

Supplement recommendations:
Updates or changes with links to purchase and discount codes

Nutrigenomics Consultation - £400

Nutrigenomics must include functional testing in order to work out if your genes are expressing and why. This can be a first or subsequent consultation. It is unwise to treat you according to the gene polymorphisms you may have. In some circumstances taking a vitamin or amino acid because you have a gene is dangerous. Increasing methylation if there are early cancer cells for example might increase the spread.

For this reason, all genetic test results and functional test results need to be submitted at least 4 working days before your consultation. The best value functional test to determine gene expression is the urine Organic Acid Test which can be ordered via Venturous Hearts for an additional cost payable to the laboratory. The best value Genetic Test is with this company at the cost of around £175.

Once you have your two test results we will combine the results of both into a visual format for viewing alongside the consultation recording.

Your report from Venturous Hearts will include your timeline, basic explanation, personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and a supplement plan. It will also include annotated diagrams of genomic pathway SNPs with metabolic markers that show gene expression.

If you are budgeting the cost for this testing and consultation we would recommend ordering the genetic kit first as this takes roughly 6-10 weeks to be analyzed. When you have the date expected for your gene report allow 4 weeks for the urine Organic acids completion. You would be advised to book your consultation as you post your urine sample to the laboratory to avoid further waiting for an appointment.

Flagship Offering - £500

This is a very comprehensive analysis of your case verified by intuitive testing. The testing considers all possible underlying causes in each of the 5 levels of healing in addition to the eight systems of the functional medicine model. We use the two naturopathic healing models combined with Nutrigenomics testing (please see contents of the nutrigenomics consultation) to give you the optimum information for your healing journey. We also provide you with a NEShealth body scan to show you how the energetic systems of the body are functioning and where we can assist improvement.

Your report also considers all possible further testing and / or knowledge should you wish to verify anything for yourself.

Finally the comprehensive report and recording from this consultation will provide you with the specific nutrition and lifestyle approaches you would need to take and the time required for each. This is set out in 4 phases so you can follow each phase in turn. Assuming full compliance with the programme there is also a predictive timeframe to completion.

We will also intuitively test for the specific healing modalities that would bring you the best return on your investment. Those that cause gene expression. This full combination is a pretty life-changing program for those who are serious about investing in their health and ready to believe the body has its own innate wisdom and can heal itself with the correct tools.

NEShealth voice scan Info:


What can I say but wow!

I have suffered from Diabetes (Type 2) for many years and things seem to have spiralled out of control for me recently to the point where my doctors want to put me on insulin injections. I was speaking to Anne about my issues and after a lengthy chat, she suggested I made an appointment with her to see if she could help me.
Anne is a nutritionist, an expert in functional medicine and psychologist. But more than that, she works spiritually with her guides to channel information that will help your individual case, (I find this alone fascinating)!
Anne took lengthy notes about my life, starting from my childhood onwards. She then analysed this information working on my hidden traumas, digestive imbalances, hormone imbalances and much more (the list goes on) and wrote a full detailed explanation of her outcome. This analysis was really comprehensive and included information on why my body is reacting the way it is, how I could help myself and what is causing the issues I am struggling with. Her explanation actually blew my mind because I had never thought about outside influences that were adding to my illness. She really puts things into perspective and makes you re-think your lifestyle. The detailed information was like a ‘lightbulb’ moment!

Anne is such a wonderful person and her extensive knowledge on nutritional advice, along with her spiritual guidance is second to none! I have had years of diabetic doctors and nurses advising me but to no avail. All they have done is increase my daily medication over the years. Anne has offered me supplement advice (with discounts), nutritional advice, recipes and hints/tips for a better lifestyle and I have to say, it is easier to follow that I thought. I can feel the different in my body already and have only been working on my new way of living for a few weeks.

I am so thankful for Anne’s outstanding consultation and I am looking forward to reducing my medication in time (with GP’s permission obviously) and reversing my health issues. I have never known a more detailed outcome and analysis than what Anne provided me. What an amazing consultation! Thank you so very much!

Sonia S