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Recent research suggest drums accelerate physical healing. Used therapeutically the rhythm of drums creates and maintains physical, mental and spiritual health. It promotes feelings of well-being and helps to release emotional trauma. Drumming in circle reduces stress, tension and anxiety, provides natural pain control and fights depression.

What I love about my drums is that they are not just painted drums. They are solely designed for the individual. Their creator https://Wildkatt.co.uk is a profound energy healer who works 100% for spirit. This means she channels the drum picture to match the energy of the person it is for or the healing / learning they need for soul growth. The person doesn’t need to even play the drum. It is important to hang it on a prominent wall and develop a relationship with it, because that is where the healing comes through. These drums choose their owner. To understand what I mean by this please watch the Arcturian and the Thistle videos.

Whilst many drums are believed to work on the hypnosis frequency, these Wildkatt drums work on many frequencies. Because they are channelled for, or they chose their owner these drums will work on the frequencies that are required for the healing of that person at that specific time. There is no re-traumatizing with this method of healing, only increased awareness and changing of mindset as depicted in Thistle’s story. This is life changing for many of us. Our mindset comes from a lifetime of societal conditioning. It is so liberating to break free of this, to live a life of gratitude surrounded by love. 

The master healer drums are even more special (see Home and Wisdom videos). They are about the guides and power within being a stronger deeper force, not just for the clients personal healing but will work in the community too.  They have multi dimensional powers that need to be shared. So some of Wildkatt’s drums are light energies that are ok to be used within the community, others are personal.

Other Wildkatt drums are multi dimensional, hence the need to check to see if they connect with the person. Some drums hold energies that wont be released or connected with until the person has reached a certain stage in their soul journey (see Thistle video).  Hidden layers will be activated as time progresses.  The colour of the drum painting changes / deepens, becomes alive as the person works with their energy and the energy fluctuates.

Each drum is different so different people either are drawn to them or dislike them. People may physically react to them as I did to Medicine man. Or they may not react because the person is not ready for the vibration of the drum.

Master healer drums work on a multitude of vibrations. They are therefore too powerful to be in the hands of those who not understand the Wildkatt channel.  The drums are an extension of the channels Wildkatt works with, they will shut down and stop working if the owner diverts from their souls path or changes the intent of the drum etc.

These drums are living spirit guides and portals that other guides can enter through as the soul advances. When this role is complete some drums shut down to protect the space whilst others seek new owners. My Thistle story demonstrates that until i had a sacred space for her and for me and I could understand the messages coming through for me she stayed silent.

I would love so much to see you at one of my drum retreat workshops if you resonate with my words.

Anne Taylor-Pemberton Wildkatt trained drum therapist.

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