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Passionate about empowering you to heal your body on all levels – physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and soul.

Anne Pemberton

MSc, PGCHE, PGCE (Autism), RGN, DipION FdSc. Nurse, Functional Medicine Practitioner, fHEA, fBANT, CNHC, IFM, BPS, NMC 

Anne is an international speaker, nurse, author, tutor and fully integrative medical intuitive. Anne commenced her career path as a specialist Intensive care nurse, caring for those who required heart and lung surgery, in the immediate post operative period. Nursing was her life until one of her children was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the same time she received her own diagnosis of chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalitis. This turn of events and the subsequent prognoses were not what she wanted to hear or accept and so her learning began.

Anne attained a first degree in applied psychology where she majored on human behavior. Anne smiles as she says, “I have always been a people watcher”.  Whilst providing many tools this wasn’t the complete answer, so retraining into functional medicine was Anne’s next step. Her master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Practice and her involvement in higher academia gave her the opportunity to run the course and teach nutrition and lifestyle medicine at masters level. For seven years Anne ran and developed the course, ran her own busy international clinic, researched and worked avidly on nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve the diagnoses and possible outcomes for her family. She was a regular contributor for ICAM magazine and a regular speaker on the ICAM stage. She spoke on a number on online summits and she co-authored her first book with Dr Damien Downing The Vitamin Cure for Digestive Disease.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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Intuitive and Soul

Anne’s Journey

In 2011, after 31 years as a NHS, private then natural health professional, the nutrigenomics era opened up for the profession. Was this the missing link for Anne and her family? Never to miss an unturned stone Anne undertook training with Dr Ben Lynch, Michael McEvoy, Dr P D’Adamo and others. She set up a course with a colleague, teaching nutritional therapist and naturopaths how to interpret and work clinically with nutrigenomics.

In early 2017 Anne had a near death experience with Mould induced pneumonia and mast cell activation disorder. Anne was given a few days to live. Dr Downing and Dr Patrica Kane thankfully stepped in and Anne lives to tell the tale.  This became another area of special interest so you will find interviews and podcasts Anne has undertaken on this topic.

In 2019 following a year out of clinical practice and resigning from her role as MSc course director Anne realized she still was missing vital tools to help her regain her health. At this point she reverted back to earlier teachings on the 5-Levels of healing according to Klinghardt. Here she found the magic that sent her to Shamanic healers, vibrational healers, personal development coaches, meditation experts, body work experts. Anne learned and experienced that for true healing to occur we must address all 5 levels – physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual body.

In 2020 Anne started to work with a very blessed friend with whom she trained in Functional medicine – Niki Skye. This confirmed Anne’s connection to source and began to develop her skills as a medical intuitive. Anne’s healing for herself and others was catapulted after meeting and working with David Router – her trusted functional consciousness coach. Anne now helps to host David’s online courses in Europe.

Anne’s more recent book was released late spring 2022.

What is noticeable for Anne is that although her career has taken her down different health paths her main focus has always been the heart. Hence the name for her business.

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