As a lifelong learner my entire working life has been a journey to discover all aspects of Autism. Before I studied functional medicine I was a mum, teacher, doctor, nurse, carer, protector of two very special children who lit up my world and taught me who I am.  They were my best teachers.  I have never been so grateful for anything until now. My gratitude greatly extends because my learning and experience has given me a very different view of what Autism is so I can now help more. I wont resonate with all of you who might be standing in my previous shoes, but if I do resonate and you would like a discovery call please click the button. 

So what is my view?

I know this is a very bold statement but my belief is that our children on the spectrum are light beings. We could use the labels of star-seeds or indigo children. I believe they are 5th Dimension ready, trying to navigate a 3rd Dimensional world. Parents by contrast are 3rd dimensional, awakening into the 5th dimensional being. Many of us know there is a mass awakening happening on our planet, the earth is said to be ascending from 3rd dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional or Christ consciousness. I believe these children are coming in on mass to get us out of our narrow thought patterns and rigid boxes and to help create a new world. 

What an amazing time to be alive, experiencing something that has never happened before in the history of our world. But we also have eons of negativity, polarity and planet degradation to mother earth that is driven by greed. We need to clear the debris of the past and we need new blood with masses of creativity to take the earth and humanity forward. I believe our children are already awakened to take our world forward and I believe they chose us as their parents, because their souls knew we could and would help them achieve their mission. Nothing occurs by accident and all is meant to be.

Let me tell you why this is my belief.

When one of my children was diagnosed I was part of the diagnostic team as many parents are. My child was one of the first to be diagnosed in my city back in the mid 80s, before the numbers of children with labels soared. Whilst my child fit the complete DSM4 criteria in true textbook style, there were aspects of behaviour that told me my child was special. Now every mum will say the same about their own child so if this is you, I applaud you and am interested in working with you. 

There were many questions I asked myself instead of following the narrative. Questions like “why does my little human stim, spin, arm flap, prefer to look at the world through the lens of a video camera than see through human eyes”? Why is my little human obsessed with one topic and why does that fill my little human’s world to the exclusion of all other learning?

My time in university spent learning about my child enabled me to find me. This neurodiversity has to come from somewhere and I’m willing to surrender to this. Even though I didn’t realise at the time, I straddled both worlds. My mum straddled both worlds before me. On speaking to my deceased maternal grandma at the age of 13 I was medicated, assumed to be depressed. I hated those medications, they detached me from who I was and I lost connection to source. Many years later and with much help I resumed my connection. This took me to some amazing insights that I couldn’t help but pursue. 

Let me back up my belief

Lets start with Shamanism. This is known as a healing modality that concerns itself with inducing, maintaining and interpreting shamanic states of consciousness LINK to source. The Shaman has a collection of spirits (non physical beings) with whom they work through the act of journeying with the intent to find answers, or by direct communication via specific Clairs 









Schizophrenia is said to be the sister condition to ASD, arising at a stage of brain pruning in the teens rather than from birth or prior to age 2.5 years. The differences being those with Schizophrenia have an awareness of 3D normality. Those with ASD don’t know what its like to feel “normal” because they never experienced it. When we change their biochemistry even for the better they lose their boundaries and that’s scary.

It is well known that many on the spectrum have very heightened sensory experiences akin to a newborn. Heightened sensory experience means all senses are fully open 24/7. As babies this is crucial because a small being has to learn so much in such a short timespan and we are still connected to source. However, as we learn to socialise, feel safe in this new world this connection slowly severs, or has done up to now Journey into the heart LINK . 

Peters and Price-Williams (1980) purport that Schizophrenia is a facile metaphor inappropriately applied to conceptualise the shamanic state of consciousness. The scientific literature describes these experiences as Pseudo perceptions or hallucinations, leading to the frightening connotation of psychosis. So we have two polarised realities at play here, the scientific and the spiritual.

To quote Prevosti (2019) Source LINK

People with ASD are a bridge between these two worlds, unique and loving beings here to spread love. Additionally, they are attached to a separate dimension, which at times allows them to appear as geniuses and at other times causes them to be unable to connect with others in the manner to which we are accustomed. We see them as “different” and, indeed, they are, but these beings are special because they have come here to teach us compassion, love, and understanding. Their role is to help us heal from the suffering we experience in this life or in other past lives. 

My experience as a mother led me to fight the narrative, not because I’m belligerent but because I knew the narrative way of seeing my child would mean years of behaviour therapy that would destroy this little humans sense of self. I learned over many years my little human’s main trait was Clairempathy, the same as mine. Being highly empathic is a rare gift, but also a curse because we absorb all the energies from our environment, all the emotions in the room. We are polarised constantly because we are constantly aware of the other person/s we are interacting with. We cannot work out which emotions are theirs or ours so this confusion creates anxiety. We cannot cut out the extraneous noise in the background of the room to attend to the immediate communication exchange so we miss most of it. Our visual field is unstable due to our sensitivity to light that encourages our visual perception to fragment so we have to piece our environment together like a jigsaw but the pieces keep flashing and moving without order. The words jump all over the page as we read so that creates brain exhaustion. 

All the information coming in through our senses hits our brains at 1000 mph so we have to catch the nuggets as they fly through. Learning is difficult if we follow the narrative as to what learning is necessary. But we are here for a reason with special gifts; some of those are savant skills. We steadfastly pursue those gifts because that’s in our souls plan. All of this polarity creates internal conflict, which produces stress and inflammation, further exacerbating sensory overload and physical illness until we understand and harness the gift. 

Many believe we all have the gift of one or more Clairs should we decide to pursue this journey. As the earth ascends more of us are opening up to this. More of us are speaking out and connecting. Many of our systems are collapsing because they are out dated so they no longer work for the new human. 

As I observed and learned I began to look for the evidence base and astonishingly I’m not the only person who has these beliefs. Teal Swann writes Source LINK and speaks VIDEO LINK beautifully about Autism spectrum. I urge you to listen to this video. Those with high functioning autism are finding their voice and allowing it so sing. Time to listen perhaps?

Given all the above there are physical and environmental factors that also occur in autism, leading to intestinal hyper permeability, neurotransmitter and hormone imbalance, food intolerances, opioid excess, nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal / chemical toxicity. Treating these without regard for trauma can separate the child more from their peers, siblings and family because it sets them out as being “different” or “not feeling loved as they are”. This in turn can create attachment and developmental trauma that further pushes the button of autism and low self-esteem. I believe these are secondary to straddling both worlds. 

I will leave you with the words of Inna Segal (2010) who describes, from the tomes of ancient medicine, the underlying emotions of those with autism. 

Feeling imprisoned inside a limited world and frustrated by your dependence on others. A sense of being shut out and looked down on. Desire to rise beyond and show your genius. Fearful of being laughed at, cast out, or humiliated. Not knowing how to get in touch with your own intuition.

If you resonate with me and my theories I would be happy to take a timeline history and to provide you with a full mind-body-spirit / 5 levels of healing based report advising all underlying aspects of your child’s autism. Your report will also advise of the tools required to help your child fit into this world in his way until such a time as the earth ascends enough for them to take it forward. Autism is here to stay because it is the template for the new human. We need to heal ourselves 

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