Why talk about pyroluria? This is an interesting condition that used to be diagnosable in Western medicine in the 1950s. If a person was under the care of psychiatry in the uk Pyroluria would always be considered as part of the diagnostic process. This is no longer the case as the advent of medications and certain difficulties with testing have seen an end to the diagnosis. However in the naturopathic world it is still recognised by some practitioners. I have to say I have seen a huge rise in the incidence of pyroluria since the start of the pandemic in 2019. I believe part of the reason for this increase is that where previously believed to be purely genetic, we can now see it is often triggered by trauma of some kind. In Australia it really is a big deal. In the UK it seems more suppressed somehow. It can manifest as hypersensitivity, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder. It can also underlie autism spectrum / neurodiversity or manifest as a result of the constant “masking” to fit in. It is also seen by spiritual communities as a symptom of planetary ascension or “awakening”. There doesnt have a be an obvious trauma trigger for pyroluria to manifest. Many of us have the long slow insidious stresses that fill our buckets until they overflow, because we are highly sensitive due to very early Adverse childhood events (ACEs) . We have no memory recollection of these events before the age of 7 so it may be something we cannot recall, hence we end up in a state of anxiety or panic seemingly without a cause. Sometimes we can spend a lifetime in this state before finally getting acknowledgement and relief.
The Effects of Stress on the Body
Pyroluria is a heam (Iron) processing disorder that generally manifests with a wide array of symptoms in the digestive, endocrine (hormones), neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and immune systems. It is generally life changing to support and rebalance the loss of certain nutrients we know that are lost in the urine as a result of the build up of mauve factor (otherwise know as HPU or KPU). The loss of these nutrients can leave the body unable to digest and absorb, balance blood glucose or the female hormones cycle, keep our happy chemicals flowing and our immune system. The diagram above shows how stress affects the body. In reality humans are designed to be in this stress response or sympathetic dominance for 15 minutes every 14 days. More than this can damage body tissues leading to illness and decline. If you would like to know if you have Pyroluria there is an excellent questionnaire to complete on this link. Please be sure you click the button to calculate your score.
If you score 10 or higher on the questionnaire please contact me for a discovery call or book in for an initial appointment. We have a test available in the `UK that can be ordered. However testing is simply for your peace of mind so it is not necessary to have a positive test result to make an appointment. I will analyse your case from the full 5-Levels of healing model with functional medicine and provide you with support and a phased plan to correct this so you can live your best life. If you would like to listen to my webinar with Mark from Biolab (now VHL) and Chris from Biocare please click the link below.